Founded in 1990 in New Zealand, Caspak has long been regarded as a leader in flexible barrier packaging, and continues to offer smart, innovative and progressively environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

Our Value Proposition

Whether the application requires long or medium shelf life, a standup pouch, vacuum pouch, side gusset pouch, block bottom pouch, rewind, thermoform, HFFS or VFFS format we cater for all permutations. Should the process be cold fill, cook chill, hot fill, pasteurisation or retort Caspak have structures to suit all processes.

Caspak is a small dedicated team with a skill base that spans all flexible markets. The advantage of selecting us as your flexible packaging partner is -

  • Expert advice on film structures and formats
  • Great experience in all aspects of design and Gravure printing and liaising with designers
  • A top quality product at a very competitive price
  • Seemless customer service managing the production liaison and logistics process
  • Perfectly sized to a deliver to a solution “on time and on budget” but large enough to derive significant savings for our client base.


Caspak Australia was founded in 1994 by Bryce Hickmott to meet a growing need for Standup, Retort and Vacuum Pouches in the Australian market. With a Business degree, Financial Analysis experience, a Dairy farming upbringing and almost 30 years exposure to the packaging industry, he brings a more holistic approach to the way that Caspak operates. He determined that the guiding principles would be -

  • Understand the application totally
  • Consider up stream and down stream issues in the production process
  • Consult other third party machinery vendors to address any potential issues
  • Never commit to what we cannot deliver
  • The client pays our salaries

Armed with these guiding principles, Caspak has flourished and has a reputation in the market for quality and integrity.


Download the following PDF to read why flexible packaging is better than glass.

Why flexible packaging is better than glass